From the desk of Chairman

Dairy products are linked with health and wellness since ages. In ancient times, one used to assume the wellness of its society by availability of milk to common man. Those days if a person used to draw a picture of happier society, they were found quoting in Hindi that

Har Taraf Khushhali Hogi Aur Doodh Ki Nadiya Bahengi

which literally means that

“There shall be happiness all around and the rivers of milk would flow everywhere”.

This clearly elaborates the importance of milk in our society. Our country is the largest milk producer country in world constituting about 17% of Global output and the dairy sector in the India has shown remarkable development in the past decade per capita consumption of 276g/Day with an annual growth rate of approximately 3.7% per annum and this sector contributes a large share in agriculture gross domestic products. To be specific, the country’s milk production is higher than that of rice and wheat. More to add, milk is the only product that generates cash income to farmers almost on a daily basis, unlike sugarcane or wheat. Besides being a source of liquidity and insurance against crop failure, milk is the only crop where the farmer realizes 60-70 percent of consumer price – against 20 percent or so in fruits and vegetables. As per consuption dairy contributes to 16% of what consumers spend on food.

India’s modern dairy sector has expanded rapidly. From an insignificant quantity of milk being processed in 1951, the organized sector is presently handling over 20% of total milk in more than 400 dairy plants. This sector is poised to triple production in the next 10years, taking advantages of the expanding potential for export to Europe and the West, where withdrawal of support and subsidy has led to a drop in milk production.

Apart from organized sector milk handling, 36 per cent being handled by private dudhias and unorganized players and 44 per cent is being retained in rural areas. Within the 20 per cent organized sector share, private and cooperative/government dairies have 50:50 handling ratio.

These figures clearly show that there is a lot of scope in dairying business In India if one can focus on quality and productivity. This is exactly what we are trying to do with our setup i.e. to become a market leader in our industry by setting benchmarks in quality, satisfaction, ethics and relationship. We in our company are committed to consistently perform, set higher standards, achieve them and aim for perfection in everything we do. With these things in our mind we are very sure of performing in adherence of our vision i.e. to endeavor and be a part of the process to make our country the most developed, industrialized, happiest and respect nation of the world.

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