Quality & Production

Quality Control Department is the most important wing of our organization. This wing exercises control over all the activities in the factory.

The main responsibilities of this wing are given below:

  • To conduct quality checks of all the incoming raw materials and match with the acceptable standard.
  • To conduct lab test of all the final products and composite samples before dispatch.
  • To conduct R&D on quality and operations aspect of production.
  • To conduct R&D on packaging as per the market demand.
  • To ensure that the organization is following ISO-22000:2005 Food and Safety Management System into real sprit.
  • To ensure that “Good Manufacturing Practices” and “Good Hygienic Practices” are being followed in factory.
  • To ensure HACCP compliance in the factory.
  • To conduct market complaint analysis and submit the report to the concerned departments.
  • To ensure that all sections involved in manufacturing activities are following quality norms strictly.
  • To ensure that the final products are being manufactured as per the government quality norms like BIS, Agmark and FSSAI.
  • To complete documentation related to quality control in the organization.
  • To review and revise the Quality Manuals from time to time.

Quality Audits

The external ISO - 22000:2005 audits are conducted by an accredited body which evaluates the process activity. Any non conformities pointed out by the auditors are immediately taken care of.

The Three Steps for optimum quality

(1) Determination of Standards

The standards are defined according to local food laws like for Skimmed Milk Powder, as per the Bureau of Indian Standards and Desi Ghee as per the AGMARK standards.

(2) Providing Best Possible Resources

To adapt these standards, the most modern equipment, good quality raw material, attractive and standard packing material and the best technology is being provided to the trained work force of our company.

(3) Strict Quality Control

Quality control at each step of the production process is done at our company which is exercised at procurement stage, during production stage (maintain process parameters and online testing), after production stage (products specifications testing) and packing stage (final goods testing).

Besides the production process, quality control in exercised in each and every function of our unit whether it is training activities and general administration or it is even better hygiene or sanitation.

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