Vision And Mission


To endeavor and be a part of the process to make our country the most developed, industrialized, happiest and respected nation of the world.


  • To be a market leader in our industry.
  • To set benchmarks in quality, satisfaction, ethics and relationships.
  • To consistently perform, set higher standards, achieve them and aim for perfection.
  • To promote economic well-being of all its constituents and associates.
  • To provide safe, healthy and nutritious food at competitive rates.


Our strategic goal is become a brand leader and achieve dynamic growth in all our markets by focussing on the consumer and market orientation, innovativeness & total profitability by offering a wide range of high quality premium products. We aim at setting and realizing our goal by adhering to the following strategy:

  • Anticipate the ever changing consumer expectations and accommodate those
  • Focus and invest in the development of new products with the aim of delighting our customers and achieving superior returns
  • Care for the environment expressed through the use of environmentally-friendly technologies
  • Care for the employees by maintaining a professional attitude, constant education process and stimulation of innovativeness by instilling the sense of belonging through encouragement of open dialogue and involve all
  • Total quality management with the aim of providing for the quality of our products and services
  • Boost operational efficiency and market success by introducing standards, cost rationalization and uniform processes at all levels
  • Intensive standardization of operations to create and strengthen the brand value, while taking into account the individual market specifics
  • To become the most respected and largest food company of India nourishing on strong brand value

The values defined by the company support the implementation of the strategy for achieving the goals of the company.


We Value Our - Customers:

We regard the customer as the primary element to our success – believing in working together to meet their need is the basis of all what we do which means to establish, foresee or even create consumer wishes and requirements, and correspondingly adapt our sales portfolio.

We Value Our - Employees:

We regard the family of Tasty Dairy Specialities Limited, a work force of diverse individuals, as the key to our success – believing in rewarding all initiatives that turns ideas into action and goals into reality and define clear goals for them by committing a professional environment based on entrepreneurial spirit, continuous learning, performance, responsibility, team work and understanding which represents the quality of relationships and a pleasant harmony of a successful organization; and that we believe, trust and contribute our maximum to common goals which preliminarily denote to handle the resources we are managing in a careful and respectful way.

We Vlue Our - Suppliers:

We regard our suppliers as the critical component of our success – believing in strong and long-standing mutually beneficial business relationship based upon strong ethics, respect and co-operation. Business Ethics: We regard business ethics as the right path of our success – believing in setting high standards by virtue of positive work ethics and integrity in all our transactions.

We Value Our - Environment:

We regard sustaining theWe regard sustaining the environment as the crucial responsibility entailed with our success – believing quality and care for the environment, which is part of our business and production process. We boldly recognize our responsibilities to the communities in which we operate and are proactive in dedicating resources to build a better quality of life, operate in an ethical and environmentally sensitive manner and live by our values.

With these values as our guide, we strive to make our best better, offer more than we receive and dare set our goals and then realize those successfully both individually and as a company.

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