Milk GOAT to build health..

From ancient times goat milk has been in existence of the world as healthier option than the cow’s milk. In recent history, owing to Gandhi’s connection with goats, they have become unalienable part of Gandhian establishment. Goat’s milk was part of Gandhi’s daily diet as it is very good for overall health especially for digestion, heart, bones and skin.

Like other cattle, goat has also been domestic animal for us humans. It is easier to keep goat as livestock than other cattle due to its resistance power and ability to feed on easily available feed. Goat milk do not contain the negative effects of cow’s milk like indigestion, bloating and gas formation. Besides having nutritional value, goat milk has many medicinal properties. It is a rich source of Selenium and is helpful in increasing pallet counts during Dengue fever. People who suffer from lactose intolerance can digest goat milk better than cow milk.

Some of beneficial characteristic of goat milk are as follows

[1] NEGATIVE TO INFLAMMATION : The goat milk does’t cause inflammation. It is easier for bowel system to absorb goat milk.

[2] ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY : Goat needs less space, needs less food than cows. Five to six goats can easily acreage required for two cows.

[3] SUPPORT TO METABOLISM : Goat milk is found to metabolize iron and copper especially in those with digestion and absorption problem.

[4] BIO – AVAILIBILITY : The main benefit of goat milk is its close resemblance with human milk. It has many chemical composition close to human milk than to cow’s milk. Goat milk is light and nutritional for small children as human milk.

[5] LESS FAT : This do not means that it has lesser fat level than cows but the size of fat molecule in goat’s milk are much smaller than those found in cow’s milk.

[6] FATTY ACID LEVEL : Goat milk contains 35% fatty acid in comparison to 17% of cow’s milk making it more nutritious. Almost 50% of people who experience lactose intolerance to cow’s milk find they can easily digest goat’s milk especially if it is raw.

[7] CALCIUM RICHNESS : Goat’s milk has sufficient amount of calcium, the amino acid tryptophan. Goat milk can fulfill all calcium requirements and support bone health. It is more healthy than cow milk.

[8] ANTI MUCOUSAL : Cow’s milk is linked to allergies and excess mucous. Cow’s milk is high in fat, which may increase mucous build up. The fat globules in goat’s milk are one ninth of the size of those in cow’s milk.

[9] NOURISHING PROPERTIES : In naturopathic medicine, goats are referred to as bioorganic sodium animals. Goat;s milk is associated with vigor, flexibility and vitality. In Ayurveda and naturopathy goat’s milk is used to nourish the rejuvenate an overtaxed nervous system.

[10] LESS TOXIC : As the cow’s milk contains bovine growth hormones and bovine somatotrpin, a hormone that artificially increases milk production, while goats are rarely provided with these substances.

[11] IMMUNNE SYSTEM BOOSTER : Goat’s milk contains selenium, natural immune booster.

Goat milk is not only complete nutrition but it has no negative effects of cow’s milk. Goat milk is best milk regarding its health benefits but goat contributes only 2% of world’s milk supply. Goat’s milk does not require homogenization process, it is an ideal food full of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Nutrients like carbohydrate, proteins while it contains minerals such as sodium, calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper and zinc in addition to vitamins like A, B and C.

Protein present in goat milk turns into curd after reaching into stomach and it is softer than the curd formed of cow’s milk. Ten percent of cow’s milk is curd, while in comparison only 2 percent of goat’s milk turns to curd. It is easily digested by the body


It is low in lactose in comparison to that of cow’s milk. Goat milk also helps to prevent arteriosclerosis. This is because of limited amount of the enzyme, xanthine oxidase. This enzyme is also believed to cause heart problems.

Cow milk is the main cause of allergies in children while goat milk is less allergic. Goat milk is conductor of good cholesterol and decreases bad cholesterol in body of humans. It is good for skin, also good for anemia and bone demineralization, it has properties to treat osteoporosis naturally.

However, on heating or processing goat milk the smell and the taste is not so pleasing to everyone particularly those raised with cow’s milk.

Goat’s milk is available globally and the cheese made out of goat’s milk is considered a popular delicacy in many countries. The cost of production of Goat’s milk is lower than to cattle milk and it is also easier to raise a Goat than other big sized cattle. In the times of recent upsurge in demand of Goat’s milk, one can say that it has better future than ever before.

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