The International Dairy Federation (IDF) released a Bulletin, from an evaluation of best science practices which gives an overview of a technological, microbiological and nutritional aspect of milk.
This confirms that pasteurization milk process is not affecting the nutritional value of milk.
This Bulletin clearly confirms the public health advantages of milk pasteurization from a microbiological perspective and the scientific basis demonstrating that it does not affect the nutritional value of milk,” said lead author Kieran Jordan.
This information is not only valuable for dairy but the food industry also. The microbiology aspects include information on the microflora before and after pasteurization, and on the extension of shelf-life. Technological aspects include pasteurization process and verification and lastly nutritional aspects confirm that pasteurization has little impact on the nutrition of milk including milk fat, protein, enzymes, vitamins, and minerals.
It concludes that pasteurized milk is still the best way to get milk’s health benefits.
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