We Indians are proud of our contribution to making earth a better a place to live. Clean India-Green India has been our Dream India. The increase in awareness resulting in a spate of activities to conserve it is finally leading us to a point where mother nature has started acknowledging our efforts.

Contrary to the general notion of land degradation in populous countries like India from overexploitation, India, in fact, has made the earth greener. According to a MODIS (Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer) sensor’s image released by NASA, India with our neighbor China accounts for one-third of the greening of the earth.

A team of researchers led by Prof. Ranga Myneni of Boston University, USA, a winner of the prestigious Humboldt Research Award, show in a new study that there is now about five and half million square kilometers of extra green leaf area yearly compared to the early 2000s. The effect stems mainly from the afforestation drive over the years, multiple cropping practices and extensive agriculture activities through modern methods and technology.

INDUCED team is proud to be a part of this process by training and spreading awareness on the need of green earth to the participants of our courses. We understand that there still is time to take a break in this quest as every year, about one-half of the 10 to 11 billion tons of carbon emitted into the atmosphere from burning of fossil fuels and tropical deforestation remains temporarily stored in the oceans and land plants and soils – the so-called carbon sinks. Until we are able to reduce these big carbon footprints, our dream of a green and pristine earth will not get realized.

In India, in addition to many green thumb NGOs activities for a sustainable environment, government schemes like NAP (National Afforestation Plan), CAMPA (Compensatory Afforestation Fund Management and Planning Authority), NGT’s interventions for a greener earth, etc. are ensuring day after day progress on this crucial matter.

We call for more of tree planting campaigns, more of awareness on a need of greener earth and more of commitment not only from the governments but at the end of all citizens which is the need of an hour to combat the adverse impacts of climate change, pollution, and soil erosion. A lot can be done to ensure sustainability and biodiversity in our ecosystems beyond the simple greenness of the landscape. Use of high-end technologies like the use of drones to monitor the reforestation drives, soil study, drip irrigation, etc. can well contribute to early achievement of our goal of greener and leafier earth.

We invite all able minds to join in our campaigns by writing to contact@induced.co.in.
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